Byron Bay Self-Tan Lotion

Discover the effortless glow with our Self-Tan Lotion, your ultimate secret to a natural and even tan. Enriched with hydrating ingredients, it nourishes your skin while providing a radiant sun-kissed look. Every bottle is adorned with a trendy charm featuring real seashells and handcrafted wooden beads.

Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply enhancing your everyday look, our Self-Tan Lotion is your go-to solution for a flawless tan.

Key features

  • Natural & even tan
  • Lightweight formula
  • Suitable for face & body
  • Ideal for light to medium skin types
  • Can be used daily for a gradual build-up of color 
  • 100% natural DHA
  • 89% ingredients of natural origin
  • Quick absorption & non-sticky
  • Delicate Summer Fragrance
  • 200 ml
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Apply evenly on cleansed, dry skin. For best results, exfoliate your skin before application. Spread well around the hairline, eyebrows, ankles, knees and elbows. Avoid the eye area. Thoroughly wash your hands after application. Allow the product to dry completely before dressing.

recycable bottle

Avoid contact with the eyes and fabrics to prevent staining. This product does not contain UV filters and does not provide UVA + UVB protection. Use sunscreen for sun protection.