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Where can I buy Byron Bay Suncare?

Byron Bay Suncare is available at Kruidvat (the Netherlands & Belgium) and at some surf- and beachshops. You are also able to buy our products online at our webshop.

Do I need to pay any delivery costs?

Yes. Delivery costs within the Netherlands are €4,95 and €6,50 within Belgium.
Free delivery within the Netherlands for orders above €25,-.

Are the Byron Bay Suncare products tested on animals?

No. It is prohibited in the Netherlands and throughout Europe to test cosmetic products on animals. Animal testing for the development of cosmetic products in the Netherlands is already banned since 1997, according to the Law on animal tests and is banned across Europe by law since 2004. The efficacy of cosmetic products are tested on human volunteers.
As of March 11, 2009 there are no ingredients allowed which are tested on animals in Europe.  The safety of cosmetic ingredients in products must now be ensured by alternative test methods.
In addition, the Byron Bay Suncare products contain no animal ingredients and are suitable for vegans as well.

What does SPF mean?

SPF means Sun Protection Factor.

The number following SPF means: the time factor that a person can stay in the sun unprotected.

For example: a person with skin type 2 gets sunburn in the afternoon after about 20 minutes. When sunprotection is used with SPF 6 this person can stay in the sun for 6 x 20 minutes before getting sunburn, so after 2 hours. This person will therefore get sunburn with sunprotection after two hours, even though he has applied sunprotection regurlarly. Other factors like season, location, and time of day also influence this matter.

Are you getting less tan by using a higher SPF?

No, it just takes longer time.

Are you getting a tan even though your in the shade?

Yes, definitely. UVA & UVB rays are also present in the shade.

How much sunprotection do I need to use?

To get the protection as promised on the packaging of the product you need to use a thick layer of sunprotection. If you use less, than the SPF on your skin will be lower.