Where can I buy Byron Bay products?
Byron Bay products are available at Etos and various surf- and beach shops. You can also order products online via our webshop, so that the products are delivered to your home.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Caresse Cosmetics will charge € 4.95 within the Netherlands and in Belgium € 6.95.
Shipping from € 19,95 is free within the Netherlands.

Are Byron Bay products tested on animals
No. All safety and efficacy testing of the final products have been done on human subjects, in accordance with industry standards requirement. There are no animal tests performed or contracted by Byron Bay’s Tanning Research Laboratories.

What does SPF mean?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor ie sunburn protection factor.

The number includes the following: The time factor that a person can stay in the sun longer than the time he can be unprotected in the sun.

For example: A person with skin type 2 burns in the afternoon after about 20 minutes. When a sunscreen is used with an SPF of 6, the sunburn occurs only after 6 x 20 minutes, so after 2 hours. This person will therefore be able to burn with the sunscreen after two hours, even though he has rubbed. This latter is again depending on the season, location, and time of day.

Are you less tan if a higher SPF is used?
No, it just takes a little longer.

Can you get tan when you are sitting in the shade?
Yes absolutely! Also in the shade UVA and UVB radiation is present

How much sunscreen do I need?
In order to get the protection that is promised, the sunscreen lotion should be fairly thick applied to the skin. Lubricate few passes indicated a much lower protection factor than on the package.